Online Gambling News - Ontario's 1st Online Gaming Casino Arrives!

Canada once again steps into the limelight of online gambling news with sanctioned online gambling arriving in the province of Ontario on the 8th Jan 2015 with OLG otherwise known as the new Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation launching its brand new gaming website ''.

When it comes to online gambling news for Canada, Ontario now join the other provinces of Manitoba, and British Columbia, Quebec and also the Atlantic Provinces where online gambling is already available.

" Hello Ontario, Its time to expand our online gaming horizons" says the introduction video welcoming Ontarians on board to join in the fun. Players are offered the chance to participate in Lotto 6/49, Lotto Max and Encore online as well as the opportunity to play games such as single-person Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and Kitty Glitter either for real or for free in this new legalized online casino.

Players can feel safe in the knowledge that all held funds are securely protected and there'll never be issues in receiving their winnings. That as we all know is of paramount importance regardless of the politics surrounding the provinces decision to legalise gaming as a way to add revenue to the government coffers, and which side of the political fence you stand on.

I think it's fair to say if Ontarians up to this point have been spending half a billion dollars yearly with other gaming sites offshore, surely profits will be better directed in some way shape or form from which citizens can realize some benefit. I certainly think it would be nice to know exactly what areas the profits are expected to be targeted for, surely we deserve to know that much don't we?

Needless to say some Progressive Conservatives take the view the government should be looking at ways to control spending rather than additional ways to raise revenues, but why shouldn't the government be doing both? I don't see why they shouldn't focus on controlling spending as well as looking at legitimate ways of raising money, makes far more sense to me.

Give people what they want that's what I say. Three and a half thousand registered on the first day and although too early to say, it seems a good number approve. You can guarantee there won't be any winners complaining when they collect their guaranteed jackpots, you just wait and see!