Video Game Releases for 2015

The year 2015 is a big time for the gaming industry because some of the biggest franchises, sequels and video game releases are just months away. The advances in today's technology made gaming an instant hit and a way of living for some avid players. Also this year, some video game releases are ready for pre-orders. So as the year starts, better begin saving and see this short review of the games that will go out within the year.

  1. Released in January 20 this year is the Resident Evil HD. Among the games in the list, this arcade has been one of the successful franchises since 90's. Get ready to feel the isolation, the thrill and the scary yet intense atmosphere of the setting with its HD features. Also, feel yourself with action as you defeat groups of zombies with limitless ammos and easy to manage gameplay.
  2. Last year, there is a big hit for zombie themed games because of the popularity of the Walking Dead series. In the game Dying Light by Techland, you will be assured that your experience will be action packed with a first-person perspective game play. Somehow this game has similarities with Dead Island, but the thing is that the approaches needed to be done to defeat monsters and zombies are different. Another different take with the nemesis is the fact that some of the strongest zombies in the game become berserk killing machines.
  3. To be released in March 17 this year is a thrilling shooting game called Battlefield: Hardline. The game is not only about shooting enemies and killing sprees because each story or mission comes with objectives to finish. Also, in this game indecisiveness is not the key since every action you will contribute to the success of the mission.
  4. Some video game releases of the past years, like of the 90's do not make a tremendous success, but the Mortal Kombat franchise is a different story. This April 14, 2015, Mortal Kombat X will be released. This classic will never bore you out since it comes with well-designed characters, well choreographed stunts and eye-catching graphics that will make you enjoy the game.
  5. Another arcade that has successful video game releases in terms of franchises is the Final Fantasy. It has no specific date yet, but surely it will be released this year. In 2006, Square Enix announced that they will release a complimentary game will be released, but years passed and no game was made. This year, fans do not have to feel bad since Final Fantasy XV is coming to their screen to excite their magical senses.
  6. Final Fantasy franchise is successful but for the Enix, the real deal is the Kingdom Hearts Franchise. This year, it was announced that Kingdom Hearts III will be released. Fans who waited long for this will be relieved with delight and excitement.
  7. Enough with fantasy because this year, the Silent Hills franchise will release another game that will make your palms sweat and hairs raised. The thrill of the franchise will be doubled and expect a game story that will knock on your curious minds.

The games above are just some of the few, but games like Assassin's Creed Victory, Dead Island 2, Ray's the Dead and others will be released.